Sired by Ohutu Cruz   

Sired by Astra Cap     Sired by Astra Sky     Sired by Locheil call the Shots    Sired by Lad of The Night of Ohutu  

Sired by Astra Bob    Ohutu Loki Loves Mischief     Sired By Ohutu Deal N Dreamz

Below Progeny from Astra Jill

Ohutu Jace Blue Lightning JDX (Ace) 5025-2008 (Australia Agility) (Dam: Astra Jill Sire Ohutu Cruz)


Ace doing Jumpers


Ohutu Jess Night Flower ADX JDX (Thanx) 5030-2008 (Agility) (Dam: Astra Jill Sire: Ohutu Cruz) Intermediate/Senior & A Jumpers


Video of Thanx competing in Agility   Thanx in Novice    Thanx Jumpers B

Below progeny from Astra Ski

Ohutu Deal N Dreamz RA FD (Deal) 04648-2011 (Agility - Rally-O) (Dam: Astra Ski)



Guinness Time On BackBeach JD (Agility) (Dam: Astra Ski)


Sired by Astra Cap     Sired by Locheil call the Shots      Sired by Astra Sky       Ohutu Loki Loves Mischief

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